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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

As a creative electronics and sound engineer I have designed or contributed to many open-source projects, which are non-exhastively detailed here-below.

If you like my work, feel free to

splash:podexpress.png Line6 podexpressguitar
POD Express cheat sheet.
Simple feature list taken from POD Express manual
splash:hotrod.png Fender hotrod Deluxe
Fender amp modifications page.
Tips and tricks for fixing a Fender Hotrod amp
splash:eq1979.png eq1979 Neve modeling for Reaper
Frequency accurate emulation of a Neve 1073 console strip with saturation
Designed with cockos jsfx
splash:wavewatch.png Wavewatch Oscilloscope
Web browser oscilloscope using device soundcard as interface
Designed with Processing.js
splash:reaperremote.png Reaper Remote control Android App.
A remote control solution that stays always On for your long tracking sessions.
designed on Android Studio
splash:okm.png Open Knob Maker tool to create custom Knobs.
Easy to use Openscad script with sliders to create Knobs for your projects.
designed using Openscad
splash:valvelord.png Valvelord Tube overdrive for electric guitar.
A Matsumin Valvecaster inspired pedal circuit that fits the inside of a 1590 Hammond Pacakage.
designed using Kicad, Freecad and Inkscape
splash:geotele.png GeoTele Geometrical Telecaster Body
Plans for laser cutting/gluing Telecaster body with geometrical nice looking extrudes
Designed with Inkscape and Openscad
splash:sidaster.png Sidaster Synthesizer Board
Sound Synthesizer hardware host for Commodore MOS6581 chips.
designed with Kicad
splash:digisynth.png Digisynth Synthesizer Board
Sound Synthesizer hardware based on Teensy processing board.
designed with Kicad
splash:punchline.png Punchline Adapatative Delay
Analog emulation delay with punch function and configurable Tail, with ate.
designed with Kicad

Ongoing or unfinished projects / articles are listed below Stuff in here is nothing but finished, nor complete. Use with care !

Audio & DIY Stuff

Projects/DIY Tricks and Tips:


  • reflux Minimalist Link Blogging Engine (MLBE)
  • DIY Arcade Stick for Mame, a cool Dual Player USB stick to recall memories of the 80's
  • Vintage Audio Amp based on a Westinghouse retro style transformer casing. OXYMETAL !
  • ECID Electrical Car Interactive Display


  • synthspec Mixed Digital Analog Synth project concept
  • Sourceball a Q3:Proball Source engine Mod variation study
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