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EQ1979 Analog Strip and EQ

EQ1979 is a frequency accurate modeling of a Neve 1073 filter stage combined with an input gain-compensated saturation.

- Designed by cascading ~40 peq/butterworth filters to reproduce frequency response, bumps and drops of the original console strip, - Neve-inspired GUI with big knobs and that slick Neve soft blue background. - Input saturation based on brute “arctan” sat which is gain-compensated. - Includes additional independant gain trimming.

Controls : - Saturation: Left mouse button to change Saturation value, Wheel to change makeup gain, right mouse to reset either Sat or makeup - Frequency bands : Left to change filter gain, wheel swaps frequency bands. Right mouse button resets these as well.

Download V0.95 : Github :

Versions : - Beta 0.95

  • Improved modeling of HPF and Low Shelf filter responses
  • 10Hz parameter smoothing on Low, Mid and High frequency gain parameters for automation-safe operation

- Beta 0.94 - internal bugfixing stage never released - Beta 0.93

  • HPF frequency response tuned with expected bump
  • Testing parameter smoothing on HPF
  • Correcting minor GUI bugs on switching to +-16dB for shelfs

- Beta 0.92 :

  • GUI : Added mousex lock on control change, no more control swapping when adjusting parameter
  • Lowered low and high shelf EQ max gain down to 16dB as per original 1073 design
  • Added EQ On/Off and Phase buttons as per original 1073 design
  • minor tweaks

- Beta 0.91 - Low Shelf GUI Fix and Sat mouse speed increase by 25% - Beta 0.9 - First release

This was developped by analysing datasheet and pulling out in a retry-on error fashion an “equivalent” frequency response. This using both plugindoctor and ear tests VS the latest UAD 1073 emulation plugin. Filter methods are derived from Oliver Belanger's COOKDSP library - Copyright © - 2014 - Olivier Belanger

Here are some of the final comparison diagrams, orange/blue curves are UAD Neve 1073 native plugin L/R channel, pink is EQ1979:

Raw static with mid engaged (with typical 1073 mid bump)

Typical Neve “Air” 14dB high boost (with its mid drop)

Typical Neve Mid “front push” 14dB 1.6k boost

To Do : - Implement parameter smoothing to avoid glitches during automation, - Low shelf filter bumps - BLower high pass input filter to ear accurate model

VST EQ1979 Analog Strip and EQ (Under Development)

VST emulation of an analog channel strip gain stage and eq with soft saturation.


Beta Version 0.2


0.2 - Low frequency rumble fix

  1. Added low frequency smoothing
  2. Added 20k lowpass

0.1 - Inital Release

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