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PunchLine Adaptive Delay

Instrument delay with fine controls for precise delay ciseling.



  • Mono delay line - Faust smooth Delay model
  • Guitar level input, One guitar level output
  • Delay Tail to maintain delay tap propagation when FX is turned Off, otherwise turning off operates “like” a true bypass
  • Hi and Low frequencies cut within feedback channel
  • Three modes
    • Manual Mode : Time adjust Manually from TBD to TBD, feedback manual adjust from 0.1 to 1.1
    • Tap Tempo mode : Delay time adjusted using Tap Tempo input
    • Tap Signature mode : Delay time adjusted using fractions of tap tempo, selected by delay time knob.




  • Button controls
    • Mode
      • Press = Cycle
        • Tap Tempo Classic
        • Tap Tempo Subdivision
        • Fixed 0.5s↔2s
        • Fixed 0.15s↔0.6s
        • Fixed 0.04↔0.16s
      • Hold = Reverb Setup
    • Tail On/Off
  • Center Ring Controls
    • Delay control
      • Feedback
      • Time
      • Filter
    • Reverb control
      • Low RT60 : Zita model Low frequency RT60, cutoff frequency at 400Hz, 1 to 8 second long
      • High RT60 : Zita model High frequency RT60, cutoff frequency at 400Hz, 1 to 8 second long
      • Damping : High frequnecy damping

Color Coding


Schematic and Interconnection

Signal Pin Functional Teensy Pin Pedal Function
Pot 1 18 A0 Feedback control
Pot 2 20 A2 Time control
Pot 3 21 A3 Filter control
Pot 4 26 A8 Spare
Punch 2 0-RX1 Punch Footswitch
Leds 3 1-TX1 Led Output
Tap 4 2_Out Tap Tempo Footswitch
Mode 5 3_LRCLK2 Mode switch
Tail 6 4_BCLK Tail switch
On_Off 7 5_IN2 On Off Punch Footswitch


Mode Tap Signature

Tempo display principle in Subdivision mode. punchline:time_signature.png

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