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Sourceball is a spinner from Quake 3 Arena mod Proball implemented on Valve Source engine. While it benefits from its physical engine for ball bouncing and interaction, objective is to improve the ball physics to enhance the ball playing experience : FPS i.e. First Person Sport.



  • First Person shooter like, without weapons.


  • Constant running speed
  • Running over the ball grabs it
  • Typical FPS keys for movement [WASD/ZQSD]
  • Rechargeable 'Sprint' increasing running speed, with a self recharging buffer [LSHIFT]
Bashing other players

When you don't carry the ball, pressing the main button bashes any player in front of you carying the ball.

  • Player is pushed a few units back.
  • Ball is dropped.
  • Bash is triggered, and has a short reload time with an immediate contact action range [400ms/one unit]
Shooting the ball
  • One key (main) for high power shoot [mouse1]
  • One key for time-calibrated-power shoot (the longer you press, the further it gets) [mouse2]

Calibrated-power-shot shoots further than main shot if loaded fully. Main key can be seen as a fast “throw away” shoot, whereas the calibrated shot

Ball Physics

Score & Game

Visual design

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