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DIY Arcade Stick


To recall faithfuly the feeling of playing vintage 1980s arcade games, one can use Mame on his favourite PC.

But nothing can replace old fashion brute-force-friendly arcade sticks and buttons when it comes to playing those games.

Fortunately it's easy nowadays to reproduce the feel of those controllers, by simply hooking them onto your favorite emulator.

Here's mine, and the how-to build it:

how to

Pick some wood and glue

Drill some holes

Pick some arcade buttons

Pick and trash an existing USB paddle

Remove the paddle buttons and plug the arcade buttons instead

Glue the wood

Throw some black paint at it

Assemble the whole

Put some shiny Leds on the front

Glue some old fashion pixel Spaceys

And Play !!

Electronics Behind

Dual Analog PAD connection

Converting Joystick switches to analog input

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