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Welcome to the Belles Ondes - Wiki


Greetings my friend. You have just reached the fearsome world of the Belles Ondes Wiki. One may find here usefull stuff, if any, by vigorously jumping into the categories given below.

Audio & DIY Stuff

Projects/DIY Tricks and Tips:

Other Cool Stuff

  • reflux Minimalist Link Blogging Engine (MLBE)
  • DIY Arcade Stick for Mame, a cool Dual Player USB stick to recall memories of the 80's
  • Vintage Audio Amp based on a Westinghouse retro style transformer casing. OXYMETAL !
  • ECID Electrical Car Interactive Display

My stuff

Ongoing Work

Stuff in here is nothing but finished, nor complete. Use with care !

  • synthspec Mixed Digital Analog Synth project concept
  • Sourceball a Q3:Proball Source engine Mod variation study


Comments, suggestions and tears are welcome and can be provided directly on the blog.

Those who want to send me an email can drop one to dalolpouplol@hotlolmail.lolcom Hint : too much lol©®™ kills the lol©®™, indeed

Peace, Vince

Last update : 26/08/2018 - changing FULLMAJ to Belles Ondes - Some errors may still be present.

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